…… the successful ones (leaders) are ambitious and self-motivated. They wake up each morning with a positive attitude that carries them through the rest of the day.

Each of us has a similar choice. We can either wake up with a positive attitude or grumble and groan (like Grumbling George) with a negative attitude. I look at it this way: If I wake up above ground in the morning and can see myself in the mirror, I’m positive. Positive attitudes can take us a long way; leaders with positive attitudes can take everybody else around them on the same journey. They’re the pied pipers of business.

Success requires a whatever-it-takes attitude – whatever it takes to get the job done, within ethical business constraints. There are no shortcuts. Ethical business constraints is a key term because we’ve witnessed, over the last few years, despicable behavior, with the fall of Andersen, Enron, and many other companies.

(Taken from Jeff Wolf with Ken Shelton, “SEVEN DISCIPLINES OF A LEADER – How to Help Your People, Team, and Organization Achieve Maximum Effectiveness”, Hoboken, New Jersey: Wiley, 2015, page 26.)

Jakarta, 3 November 2017

Frans Indrapradja

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