Understand and Respect the Role of Others (Peter Mills)

Organizations have extensive networks of people working together, and unless there is a clear understanding of the accountabilities and authorities of other roles and strong understanding of the legitimate nature of these working relationships, work will be inefficient and conflict can occur. Successful managers understand and respect the role of others.

Managers do not work alone, they have working relationships with their own direct team and their own manager. They also work across teams, with other managers and with people in specialist roles. They work in the context of a working organization. To be successful, managers must not only understand their own role and that of their direct reporting team, they need to understand the role of others in the organization. Managers deal with five main types of roles. These are:

  • Their direct reporting team members
  • Their own manager
  • Other peer managers
  • Their manager-once-removed-their manager’s manager
  • Specialist/cross-functional roles

These different roles, each with specific and complementary accountabilities and authorities, are essential to the effective working of an organization.

Source: Peter Mills, “LEADING PEOPLE: THE 10 THINGS Successful Managers Know and Do”, Sydney, Australia: GOKO Publishing, 2016, pages 29-30.

Jakarta, 4 November 2017

Frans Indrapradja

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